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In the United States, every person accused of a crime is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  At the Alvarez Law office, when you are accused of a crime, we presume that you are innocent and fight with every legal means available to prove your innocence in a court of law.

When you’ve been accused of a serious crime, i.e. a felony, there is nothing more important in your life than choosing the right lawyer, a lawyer who is willing to do whatever it takes, within legal boundaries, to put together a meticulously prepared case.

Constitutional right to counsel

Federal and Indiana state laws give you the right to counsel.  For many, that means accepting the services of a public defender. Many public defenders are dedicated and skilled lawyers who take their duty to defend seriously. The sad truth is that they are given far too many cases to handle at once, without the resources they need to provide the most aggressive defense. Their hands are tied, but most struggle valiantly against the odds. Many public defenders are responsible for two to three times the number of cases the American Bar Association says one lawyer should be handling.

Experience, Time, Resources, and a Record of Success Make Alvarez Your Best Choice

The stakes in a felony accusation are simply too high to take your chances with a public defender. You need a lawyer who is not only highly experienced in criminal defense, but who has the time and resources to do a thorough investigation, the passion for our Constitution to protect your rights, the dedication to the proper functioning of the American justice system to fight tirelessly on your behalf, and the belief that every defendant deserves the best defense possible, regardless of the crime of which he or she has been accused. You need Alvarez Law.

If you’ve been accused of a felony in Northwestern Indiana or the Chicagoland area, hire a law firm that has been defending the accused since 1974.  The lawyers at the Alvarez Law Office in Crown Point, Indiana, will do what it takes in the fight for your freedom, your family, and your future.

Make the right decision today to protect your future

Make the right decision before you talk to police or prosecutors.  Exercise your constitutional right to counsel by choosing the best representation for the best defense. Call Alvarez immediately, and say nothing to anyone until your lawyer arrives.  Remember, there are defenses to every accusation; you just need a lawyer who knows how to use them.  We have a long track record of success in having charges dropped or reduced and keeping our clients out of jail.

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