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When we consult a doctor or other health professional, we have the right to expect competent medical care. Doctors and other professionals who are licensed to provide health services have a duty to deliver a reasonable standard of care. When they misdiagnose or fail to diagnose a serious illness, make errors during surgery, prescribe the wrong drug or the wrong dose, or fail to prevent or treat a hospital-acquired infection and a patient dies, surviving family members may have a cause of action for wrongful death. More people die from medical error in the United States than in car accidents.

In Medical Malpractice cases, quality legal representation is essential. It is imperative for victims of medical malpractice seek out the award-winning legal counsel of Alvarez Law Office. As one of the leading attorneys in cases such as the Goshen Health Case among others, we work aggressively for victims’ retribution. We have skilled lawyers and the area’s best reputation.


If you or someone you know was injured as a result of negligent health care then you may qualify for compensation in a Medical Malpractice suit. Any of the following healthcare errors may enable you to legal counsel:

  • A failure or delay in diagnosing a patient’s condition
  • Misread X-rays
  • Prescribing the wrong drugs or wrong dose
  • Failing to warn a patient of the risks or side effects of a procedure
  • Performing procedures without the patient’s consent
  • Mistakes in surgery or childbirth
  • Hospital related infection

If your injuries fall into any of these categories call the Alvarez Offices today.

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