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Steel mill explosion, wrongful death.

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Motorcycle accident.

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Prescription medicine defect.

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Product defect, defective tire.

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Construction related accident, wrist injuries.

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Rear end accident, back surgery and neck surgery.

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Amputation in Illinois.

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Truck Accident.

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Auto Accident.

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Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Chicago, ILslip and fall attorney in chicago, il

The hazards you face daily can be visible or hidden, from a loose piece of carpet, an icy walkway, or a pallet of groceries in your path. Step on the wrong surface at the wrong time, and you can find yourself in a nasty slip-and-fall accident.

Falls are a significant source of injuries in the United States, especially for seniors. More than 3 million older adults visit emergency rooms each year following falls, with an estimated 800,000 resulting in admissions for treatment of head injuries or fractures. The Centers for Disease Control says that falls are the leading cause of death for people over 65.

While some falls are simple accidents, others result from the negligence or recklessness of property owners. When hazardous conditions lead to injuries or death, owners or those responsible for the property can be held financially liable in court.

Our experienced team of slip-and-fall lawyers in Chicago is ready to stand by your side. We will fight hard for just compensation for your injuries. We can also seek accountability through wrongful death litigation if someone in your family has died. Call us today at 866-4-ALVAREZ.

Laws Relating to Slip and Fall Accidents

Civil litigation with slip and falls typically involves premises liability statutes. The premises liability statute in Illinois explicitly states that owners or managers owe a duty of “reasonable care under the circumstances” to maintain their properties. Liability can include overt acts, such as poorly repairing a problem, or acts of omission, such as failing to institute repairs in a reasonable time frame.

Specific instances are excluded from consideration under premises liability; for example, someone who comes onto a property and acts in an unsafe manner may not be able to proceed with a premises liability case. You can bring premises liability actions against business owners, landlords, and in some instances, even the government. 

Litigation for slip-and-fall accidents may also involve applications of personal injury and wrongful death statutes. Our team at Alvarez Law will review the facts of your case, guide you in collecting evidence, and develop a litigation strategy to recover damages for your injuries.

What Damages Can I Recover?

Slip-and-fall incidents can cause significant injuries that require expensive, long-term medical care. The purpose of a slip-and-fall lawsuit is to allow you to recover the costs incurred due to your injury. The potential damages include:

  • Medical expenses for treating the injury and follow-up care, such as physical therapy.
  • Lost wages for time away from work, including days off for follow-up appointments.
  • Future lost wages in the event of a disability.
  • Medical devices such as wheelchairs.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional anguish.

If a slip and fall results in a death, the victim’s survivors may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit that allows them to seek similar damages. In a wrongful death case, survivors would be able to seek additional types of compensation, such as the pain of not having their loved one’s companionship.

What Is “Duty of Care?”

How does the law define “duty of care?” That’s one of the critical questions in slip-and-fall and other premises liability cases. Each case’s specific facts and circumstances will determine the answer.

The law’s concept of duty of care revolves around the notion of foreseeability. Could the owners, managers, or other potentially liable parties have anticipated the potential for an accident based on the property’s condition?

Often, the question gets evaluated in court based on the reasonable person standard. In other words, how would a reasonable person have acted? If you believe the owner or property manager acted unreasonably, you may have grounds for a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

What Are the Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents?

Hazardous conditions or property defects can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Examples of some of those circumstances include:

  • Damaged or uneven sidewalks, often caused by tree roots that grow to the surface.
  • Staircases with broken steps.
  • Missing or loose handrails.
  • Cartons or debris left in walkways.
  • Bad lighting that hides specific hazards.
  • Wet floors from spills or leaks.
  • Torn or uneven carpet.

Common Injuries in Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Once you lose your balance and fall to the ground, you are at the mercy of gravity. Even the slightest falls can result in severe bodily injuries. Among the most common and concerning injuries are:

  • Broken bones.
  • Concussions or other traumatic head injuries.
  • Soft-tissue injuries such as torn ligaments or tendons.
  • Sprained ankles, knees, or wrists.
  • Cuts, bruises, or abrasions.
  • Shoulder, neck, or spine injuries

Our attorneys at Alvarez Law have extensive experience advising clients on how to document their injuries in court to support their claims for economic and non-economic damages. 

How Alvarez Law Slip-and-Fall Injury Attorneys in Chicago Can Help

If you or a family member has been hurt in a fall caused by someone’s negligence, you may feel confused about your next steps and worried about your financial future. Our experienced premises liability and personal injury attorneys at Alvarez Law in Chicago can help get you back on your feet. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in slip-and-fall accidents in the Chicagoland and northwest Indiana areas.

Our attorneys will evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case and develop an appropriate legal strategy. In addition to tracking deadlines and other requirements of a legal claim, our attorneys will investigate to determine the following:

  • How the condition that caused the accident came to exist.
  • How long the condition has existed.
  • Whether the property owner knew about the condition.
  • Whether the property owner violated any laws, codes, regulations, laws, or standard safety practices.
  • Whether there have been other similar accidents on the premises.

Our investigation will shape the direction of your claim. We may resolve the matter without litigation through negotiations with insurance carriers. If necessary, we will fight for you in court through a premises liability lawsuit. We have proven success in obtaining compensation through substantial settlements or jury verdicts. Our Alvarez Law team provides full-service counsel in personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal law. Contact us for a consultation today. We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee arrangement, which allows you to hire our firm without paying a dime — unless we win money for you. We fight for justice for the injured in Northwestern Indiana, including Crown Point, Merrillville, Hammond, Gary, Dyer, St. John, Griffith, East Chicago, Munster, Schererville, Valparaiso, Knox, Portage, Newton, Culver, and the entire Chicagoland area.

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