$3,550,000 Recovered For Our Client

injured tradesman/steelworker

$8,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

semi-truck accident

$4,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Steel mill explosion, wrongful death.

$1,9000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Motorcycle accident.

$3,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Prescription medicine defect.

$1,850,000 Recovered For Our Client

Product defect, defective tire.

$1,800,000 Recovered For Our Client

Construction related accident, wrist injuries.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Rear end accident, back surgery and neck surgery.

$2,500,000 medical malpractice

Amputation in Illinois.

$890,000 Recovered For Our Client

Truck Accident.

$645,000 Recovered For Our Client

Auto Accident.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Commercial Vehicle Crash

$2,028,000 Recovered For Our Client

Trucking Settlement

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Personal Injury Lawyer In Indianapolis, IN

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In the aftermath of an accident caused by someone else, the path to getting the money you need to pay your medical bills and expenses can seem chaotic and daunting. Alvarez Law can illuminate the way with steadfast legal guidance and a compassionate approach. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys recognize the physical, emotional, and financial strain an unexpected incident thrusts upon you. 

We handle every case with unwavering commitment, steadfastly advocating for your rights and striving to recover the compensation you deserve. We pledge to battle tirelessly on your behalf. Call (866) 425-8273 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.


Understanding Personal Injury Claims In Indianapolis, IN

A personal injury claim is a process initiated by someone who has suffered harm due to another party’s negligence or intentional actions. The objective is straightforward yet vital: to secure compensation to offset the victim’s medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


Many types of accidents can lead to a personal injury claim, from car accidents or slipping on an ill-maintained sidewalk to dog bites and defective products. Furthermore, personal injury claims might start out as insurance claims, but they can become lawsuits that can veer into different areas of the law. For example, a car accident might involve scrutinizing traffic laws and vehicular control, while a slip-and-fall case might entail delving into property maintenance and safety protocols. 


Regardless of the circumstance, the underlying thread remains: Someone injured another person through their negligence, inaction, wrongdoing, or by intentionally inflicting harm.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury claim calls for a deep, nuanced understanding of the relevant laws and evidence for a specific type of case. This is where securing the services of a seasoned personal injury attorney becomes essential. Engaging with insurance companies, understanding the fine print of policy provisions, and maneuvering through the procedural intricacies of the legal system are complex tasks.


Personal injury law comes with an array of rules and practices that can confound the uninitiated. Laws govern everything from the timelines for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit to the specifics of presenting evidence and the formulas used to calculate a victim’s compensation. 


An astute personal injury attorney shoulders the task of grappling with insurance companies. Convoluted policy language can serve to obfuscate and complicate claims. Additionally, insurance companies may employ various tactics to minimize payouts. A skilled attorney can parry such maneuvers and protect your right to a fair settlement.


Finally, it’s worth noting that research consistently shows that hiring an attorney leads to more compensation in personal injury claims. One study found that, on average, personal injury claimants who don’t hire a lawyer received $17,600, while claimants with lawyers recovered an average of $77,600. That’s a difference of more than 400 percent. 

The Role of an Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

An Indianapolis personal injury attorney’s role is to secure compensation and justice for their clients. The attorney will: 

Investigate the Case:

The foundation of your claim is a meticulous investigation. Your attorney will scrutinize incident reports, examine physical evidence, and possibly engage with experts to decode the technicalities of the case.

Gather Evidence:

Evidence is the linchpin of your claim. Attorneys work to amass a compelling array of evidentiary elements, from medical records illustrating the extent of your injuries to witness testimony about your injuries. Photographs, video surveillance, and official reports can underscore the truth and impact of your ordeal.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies:

Armed with evidence and a compelling case narrative, your attorney can negotiate with insurance adjusters, refuting attempts to undervalue your claim and striving to secure a settlement that reflects your losses.

Prepare Legal Strategy and Litigate:

Should negotiations reach an impasse, your attorney is prepared to take your case to the courtroom. They can develop a strategic legal blueprint, tailoring their approach to the unique intricacies of your case.

Pursue Fair Compensation:

Your attorney will assess every impact point of your incident, quantifying not only your financial losses but also the emotional and psychological toll.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

With more than 200 years of collective experience and more than $1 billion in compensation recovered for our clients, Alvarez Law stands a beacon of freedom for Indiana’s injured. We have experience with many kinds of personal injury cases, including:


  • Car accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Construction site accidents
  • Workplace accidents and injuries
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Slip and fall claims and other premises liability cases
  • Wrongful death claims

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

At Alvarez Law, we’re proud of the awards we’ve won for our clients. Some of the notable settlements and verdicts we’ve won include:


  • An $8.5 million settlement in a truck accident claim
  • A $2.5 million settlement for a medical malpractice claim 
  • A $1.9 million settlement for a plaintiff injured in a motorcycle accident
  • A $1.5 million for someone injured in a rear-end collision
  • A $3 million settlement related to a defective prescription medication


While we pride ourselves on our results, our firm also believes in maintaining good relationships with our clients. Here’s what one client had to say after we represented them in a car accident claim:


“From the very start, you were a ‘straight shooter’ and honest with both of us. You reviewed our case and prepared us for the possible outcomes. You fought and represented us with our very best interests in mind. You worked very well with all parties to get the ‘amounts owed’ negotiated and reduced. Finally, the Settlement statement and the Net Proceeds Check back to us was exactly as you told us – there were no surprises!

“I know our case was very small, considering your firm’s reputation for handling and winning much larger and more visible cases. However, you made us feel that we had a Giant in our corner. For that, we are grateful to you. Once again, thank you for working with us. We really do appreciate it!”

Contact Our Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers Now

No matter how difficult things may seem after an accident, Alvarez Law can protect your rights and fight for justice. We know you’re hurting, and we are relentless in pursuing fair compensation for your injuries. Call (866) 425-8273 or reach out online for a free case evaluation.

Truck and Car Accident Settlements

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Settlement amounts vary depending on case details and the severity of the victim’s injuries. However, in the past Alvarez Law has helped victims of truck and car accidents receive life-changing settlement amounts. The victim of a motor vehicle accident who needed back and neck surgery after being rear-ended received $1.5 million. After a bus driver admitted to texting before his vehicle crashed into another, we helped the parents of a teen passenger receive an $800,000 settlement. Other truck and car accidents led to settlements of half a million dollars.

Why Alvarez Law?


Alvarez Law is a customer-focused law firm that believes in personalized service. We treat our clients like family, encouraging them to call us at any time of the day or night with any questions or concerns they have. We also take the time to really listen to their stories before giving personalized advice. If you decide to pursue legal action, you can feel confident we’ll fight as hard for you as we would for our loved ones.

Our legal team doesn’t just care about our clients, they’re also the best in the profession. We handpick attorneys experienced in criminal law, car accidents, personal injury, and medical malpractice. Their expertise can help you feel confident you’ve got the right person by your side.

As a modern law firm, we’ve adapted quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing virtual consultations. Using online video technology, these consultations allow you to chat with one of the Alvarez Law team without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. This new way of working helps us keep you and our legal team safe.

Our Practice Areas

Our experienced legal team lets us focus on a variety of different personal injury and criminal cases. Our practice areas include:


  • Personal Injury

    • Auto accidents: Accidents involving cars, trucks, or motorcycles
    • Dog bites: Accidents involving vicious pets
    • Slip and fall: Accidents involving falls on business or residential properties


  • Criminal law

    • Felonies: Serious crimes, including murder, homicide, manslaughter, kidnappings, robbery, and embezzlement
    • Child abuse: Actions that cause death, injury, or emotional harm to minors
    • OWI/DUI: Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Medical malpractice

    • Misdiagnosis: Incorrect diagnosis leading to death, injury, or delayed treatment
    • Surgical errors: Mistakes in the operating room leading to death or injury
    • Birth injuries: Mistakes at birth leading to death or ongoing health conditions

If you have a case concerning any of our practice areas, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at 219-852-7089 at any time of the day or night, or complete our handy contact form on the Alvarez Law website. We’d love to discuss how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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