$4,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Steel mill explosion, wrongful death.

$1,9000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Motorcycle accident.

$3,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Prescription medicine defect.

$1,850,000 Recovered For Our Client

Product defect, defective tire.

$1,800,000 Recovered For Our Client

Construction related accident, wrist injuries.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Rear end accident, back surgery and neck surgery.

$2,500,000 medical malpractice

Amputation in Illinois.

$890,000 Recovered For Our Client

Truck Accident.

$645,000 Recovered For Our Client

Auto Accident.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Commercial Vehicle Crash

$2,028,000 Recovered For Our Client

Trucking Settlement

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What Are Indiana’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations?

  As fallible human beings, we all know that honest accidents do happen. Sometimes, though, people act unreasonably, demonstrating a callous attitude toward the safety of others by displaying reckless or negligent behavior. Personal injury law exists to hold...

Can I Leave The Scene Of an Accident If There Are No Injuries?

  It's never a good day for anyone involved in an accident, and it's even worse if it results in serious injuries or death. State laws typically place legal requirements on individuals who are involved in accidents in Chicago, IL. But, like many laws, they can be...

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  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 could easily be considered the most significant piece of legislation in the history of the United States. It sought to transform American society by outlawing discrimination in multiple contexts on the basis of race, color, sex,...

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Life has its fair share of surprises, some of which aren't so nice, such as car accidents. They can sometimes happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. If a car accident is severe enough to cause injury or even death, it raises an important question: when do you...

When Should I Reach Out to a Personal Injury Attorney?

Injury can happen anytime, often when it's least expected. Even something minor can cause an injury that produces life-altering consequences. Injuries take a toll, both emotionally and financially, and can exact themselves in unexpected ways. If you've found yourself...

When Should I Get a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you've been in an accident, it's important to understand when to hire a personal injury lawyer to receive the support and compensation you deserve. Although there aren't specific instructions describing when to hire an attorney, there are several factors to...

What Happens if I Lose a Lawsuit?

Filing and litigating a personal injury lawsuit takes enormous patience and a lot of work. Further, winning a case is not always the end of the journey. Lawsuits always involve money, and once the judge or jury issues a verdict, the next step is collecting your money....

What Can I Sue For In A Personal Injury case?

In any legal case, but especially personal injury ones, it's important to know your rights and what you can reasonably claim damages for. Not only does this help your overall understanding of the legal process, but it also increases your chances of getting what you're...

Guide to the Lien Act in Indiana

Across the state of Indiana, hospitals save innumerable lives daily. However, saving lives isn't free, and hospitals need to collect payment for services rendered. Usually, the patient's health insurance pays all or part of the expense of the treatment given. If an...

Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Indiana

Workers' compensation is designed to provide efficient dispute resolution for employers and injured workers. Workers' compensation in Indiana provides payment for lost wages, medical bills, and any rehabilitation expenses when employees are injured or become ill due...

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