$4,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Steel mill explosion, wrongful death.

$1,9000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Motorcycle accident.

$3,000,000 Recovered For Our Client

Prescription medicine defect.

$1,850,000 Recovered For Our Client

Product defect, defective tire.

$1,800,000 Recovered For Our Client

Construction related accident, wrist injuries.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Rear end accident, back surgery and neck surgery.

$2,500,000 medical malpractice

Amputation in Illinois.

$890,000 Recovered For Our Client

Truck Accident.

$645,000 Recovered For Our Client

Auto Accident.

$1,500,000 Recovered For Our Client

Commercial Vehicle Crash

$2,028,000 Recovered For Our Client

Trucking Settlement

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Coronavirus Lawsuits In Indiana

COVID-19 Virus

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted each and every one of us differently. It has had profound effects on nearly every aspect of our lives. There have been thousands of lives lost, thousands have been hospitalized, and millions have experienced the symptoms for themselves. Businesses have been forced to close their doors, millions have faced job loss, and just as many have been asked to continue working in unsafe conditions.
Amidst all of this tragedy, it’s understandable for you to have questions about your rights. We are doing our best to keep our current and potential clients informed and share information about what we have learned so far. Here’s a comprehensive overview of information you should know regarding coronavirus lawsuits.

What Is Wrongful Termination?


What exactly constitutes wrongful termination? When an employer terminates your employment for illegal reasons or breaks a contract, that’s wrongful termination. If you were let go during the coronavirus outbreak for any of the following reasons, you might have a claim:

  • Taking medical leave: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for serious health conditions.
  • Obeying an order to shelter in-place: Most states at this point have issued an order for what they deemed essential and non-essential businesses. If your employer has terminated you for obeying a request, you might have a claim.
  • Voicing your safety concerns: If your employer fired you for voicing safety concerns, you could have a claim. The Occupational Safety and Health Act specifically prohibits an employer from terminating an employee for filing a workplace safety complaint.
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What About Workplace Discrimination?


Changes across the globe have happened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Even though these changes are new, there are still laws that must be followed. One such law is the law that protects employees against discrimination. Though most states are “at-will” states, meaning that an employee may be terminated at will, for any reason, discrimination will not and should not be tolerated. Certain types of discrimination that may be present during the coronavirus outbreak may include discrimination against those of Asian descent, especially from China. This discrimination stems from the belief that they are responsible for spreading the coronavirus. This mistaken belief has caused some of these employees to be victims of harassment or discrimination. If you or someone you know has experienced this, you may be eligible for a claim.

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Can I Claim Worker’s Compensation?


If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19, you could pursue a claim for worker’s compensation under the Illinois Occupational Diseases Act or the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. This act states that if you contract the virus and have reason to suspect you came into contact with it while at your place of employment, you may be eligible for a claim. Nothing in this statute states that direct proof of causation is required.

Employees that may have success in this type of claim include those in the healthcare industry, such as nurses, physicians, and nursing home workers. Emergency responders, such as emergency medical technicians (EMT) and paramedics, may also be eligible for a claim.

Employees in other fields may be eligible as well. This includes those employed in the hospitality and travel industry, such as hotel staff, ticket agents, and those in the aviation and cruise industries. Traveling employees, those in the retail industry, and cleaning or maintenance employees might also all be eligible.

You should also seek medical attention for any injuries you sustained during the crash. It’s important to make sure you understand what is at stake financially, especially when it comes to medical bills and treatment costs. The injuries sustained in a truck accident can be severe, potentially causing you or loved ones to deal with ongoing medical concerns, and miss work and other activities. You need to know exactly what has happened to you, which will give you the information you need to proceed with taking legal action.

After seeking medical attention, you may need to reach out to your auto insurance company to file a claim. After you follow these steps, you can contact the team at the Alvarez Law Firm to get more information about taking legal action against the driver of the truck or the trucking company. There is certainly a chance that the accident was caused by driver negligence, and if this is the case, that individual or their employer should be held responsible for the damage. The trucking company could also be at fault for negligence, whether due to insufficient training, excessive cargo, or failure to maintain the safety of their vehicles.

Did You Experience Nursing Home Neglect?


nursing home negligence

Since July of 2020, there have been about 62,000 deaths and over 300,000 cases of nursing home employees and residents due to the coronavirus. That number is much higher now. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a nursing home or long-term facility, you might be eligible for compensation. While no amount of money can replace someone you were close to, it may help cover some out-of-pocket expenses.

While these facilities have been in a delicate balance of caring for patients and themselves while under extreme pressure, they still have a responsibility to provide safe, quality care to their residents.

Was There Funeral Home Negligence Present?


Funeral homes have been overwhelmed with the influx of the deceased during the coronavirus outbreak. Cases of neglect may include the mistreatment of a body, such as storing them inappropriately, mishandling or losing the body, or leaving the body unattended. Other cases may include delivering the deceased to the wrong burial site, piling bodies on top of each other, or failing to treat the deceased with dignity.

If your loved one has passed away and you believe there’s been neglect, we urge you to contact Alvarez Law as soon as possible. There’s no excuse for negligence or mishandling of someone who has passed away, no matter the circumstances.

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What Are the Current Coronavirus Safety Tips?

We would like to press the importance of taking the coronavirus seriously and urge our communities to do what they can to keep themselves and others safe. Here are some of the basic steps to coronavirus safety that have been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds at a time with soap and water, several times a day.
  • Though a six-foot distance between yourself and others has been encouraged, it’s essential to keep a minimum distance of three feet.
  • Wearing a mask when you’re in public can help prevent accidental exposure.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Only use a tissue to cough or sneeze into, and then discard it into the trash can. 
  • If you experience the coronavirus symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, or loss of taste or smell, contact your medical provider as soon as possible.

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